Calculate Precleaner Recommendation

Machine Info:
Engine or Equipment Manufacturer
Engine or Equipment Model
Engine Details
Number of cylinders
Engine Displacement
Units of measure
Maximum RPM
Engine Tier  
Engine Stroke         
Fuel Type      

*Electronically controlled engines could have volumetric efficiencies greater than 2.0.
Volumetric efficiency is best obtained from the engine manufacturer.

Precleaner recommendations are only as accurate as the engine data submitted.
If you know the manufacturer's rating of the engine airflow,
you should ALWAYS use that as the basis for precleaner selection.
See the Dimensions, Airflow and Hood Clearance page on the
Sy-Klone web site for more details.

Airflows higher than 1400 CFM (39.64 m3/m) can be handled with multiple unit installation.
Please contact your dealer or Sy-Klone for details.